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Forget boring travel agents stuck in the brochure era. AngieSylvieEvents is a world-wandering genius, a research ninja, a planning Picasso, and a booking aficionado. She eats travel plans for breakfast, breathes itineraries and fun activities and sleeps on spreadsheets (okay, maybe not that last one).
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  • What Can I Expect Working with a Travel Curator? Your Questions, Answered
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Here at AngieSylvieEvents we curate, plan and book travel. We can create a trip from scratch or help book a hotel you’ve already decided on, and everything in between. Plus, we can unlock perks and VIP amenities at hotels, resorts & cruises around the world.
We can offer the full nine-yards of itinerary planning, including things like airfare or on-the-ground experiences. In addition to hotels, we can book villas, cruises, yacht charters and tours. Best yet, I do not charge a fee for booking with partner hotels. We earn our commission through hotel bookings.
For more complex trips like a multi-stop honeymoon, or for details of itinerary planning (like restaurant reservations, tours, drivers), there might be a planning fee involved. I typically charge fees for airfare bookings. These fees are always communicated upfront; and you can always ask me for clarification.
3 Reasons to book with AngieSylvieEvents
  • Reason 1: You’ll have a better planning & booking experience (with personalization, insider intel & attention to detail) before your trip.
  • Reason 2: You’ll travel like a VIP, with killer hotel perks, priority room upgrades… the works.
  • Reason 3: You can feel good about supporting a small-business entrepreneur.
  • Relax, unwind, and get ready to say "bon voyage" to stress. We'll make your travel dreams a reality, one croissant-filled morning at a time.
  • Ready to ditch the travel drama and embrace the adventure? Let's get planning!

We want to understand your travel goals, preferences, and pace in order to curate a memorable experience. Please fill out the questionnaire below to the extent possible. You’ll receive a customized quote for curated travel planning services.